Friday, January 6, 2012


I promised to write part 2 of HOME SWEET HOME, HERE WE COME, when we really got home, but things really didn't work out that way. Now the vacation is over and we are back to reality.

I had a long to-do-list. You'd know the list, if you've visited my Sinhala blog as I had suggested. Well, like any other to-do-list, we couldn't do them all. 
But we did most of the things. which I believe is a huge success.

Here we go:

Must fill the gap between the main road and our drive:       
Dudes, see the gap!!

Thanks to Sudu Ayya. I wanted to name this road after him.


Batteries for vehicles:                                                 
YES. Bought one borrowed the other, Thanks Mahinda

Start engines                                                                      
YES, both started without a problem. Starting an engine after one year of standing still is a huge challenge.

Insurance for both:                                                              
YES. Third party but yes.

Emission test (Eco test)                                                       
YES, Both vehicles passed with flying colors. Again, passing emission test as soon as you start an engine after one year of standing still, is a real victory. Some dudes with no visible smoke and newer vehicles failed and were exasperated. 
This is a vicious circle. I can't get revenue license till I pass the emission test. To pass the emission test you should run the vehicle on the road, a reasonable distance for it to work normally. And to do so is illegal because you have no revenue license. So to get the revenue license.... Like the old song "Hole in the Bucket!"

Must repair my laptop.                                                        
YES. As I feared, dust had clogged the heat sink and made havoc. How I suffered with BSOD last year!!!
Thanks Nalindra malli. And Navam too.

Get a good prepaid internet connection.                               
YES. First Dialog but found it to be a bit disappointing then settled with Etisalat
I'm really mad with these customer service dudes. Some voices were really helpful and handled the customer with kid gloves. Some voices, oh dude, sounded really pissed off for maybe, disturbing their peace. Must blog about them later. 
And dudes, If you really want to access these hotlines and talk to a human agent you got to wake up before the sunrise and talk before brushing your teeth. They were really coldlines, not hotlines. 
And one charge you Rs3.00 for calling their own customer service agent. WOW!

And the communication center dudes who sell recharges and reloads know nothing about data connections. IT'S THE SAME WITH DIALOG OR ETISALAT.  Maybe, it's the same with other companies,too.

Must finish the bathroom construction:                                
NOPE. No mason is available at short notice and ready to accept our deadlines.

Must finish the porch with batik bricks that have been piled up for 5 years: 
NOPE. for the above reason.

The wall behind where flash floods wash off the land:           
No (Same reason as above)

Pave the Drive :                                                                         
No   (Same reason as above)

Must go to Kandy:                                                                    
YES. And returned through Kurunagala. Two birds with one stone.

Must go on the new expressway with cameras charged.      

YEAH!! Hit 110 km.p.h when cops weren't watching. and made the 104km in 1 hour (Six minutes for waiting in line at toll booths). They charged Rs.400! Isn't it three hundred something for vans? 
Gotta blog about that trip, too. Videoed and took a lot of still photos.
Hit brakes only in Galle.

Others were were busy capturing.

Only one pedal  needed!

Never take eyes off the road.

100 km.p.h. No sweat.

ROAD TRIPS:                                                                  
YEAH!! We did them. I'll blog them.

Blogwalkers' mobile kitchen and Meals on Wheels

If Possible must visit Jaffna.                                                
NO. It wasn't possible. Postponed to 2012.

Must make a train trip to Badulla.                                       
NO. Time was a real drawback.

Must walk in the Jungle with Gamini.                               
NO. Visited Gamini, but no walking in the jungle as he was too tied up and also the rainy weather. Thanks for all the hospitality. Met Uncle Simon, too.

Must fix those two fog lights that we carry around in a box at the back of the van. 
NO. Postponed. Not easy as it sounded!

Must check the roof for water logging.                                 
YES. It's done. DIY masonry work too.

Must clean the yard.                                                             
YES. That's what we've been doing for the first few days. Back breaking dudes. After we did that the Environment Police visited us and made Good Comments also. How zat? Cool, huh!

Must improve the sound system with a cool sub-woofer that knock you out: YEAH!! It's awesome now!
It's a pleasure to ride in it.
Sub woofer that really woofs is being installed!

Must go to the Saturday fair: 
NO. Actually I visited the fair in a hurry, not the way I wanted jostling in the crowds in those now nostalgic sounds and smells.(And Yells). Some simple tasks were difficult to achieve.

Must eat පොළොස්, මුකුණුවැන්න, ගො‍ටුකොල, හාල් මැස්සො කොහිල දලු
YES except the last one. Even the others, not to my stomach's delight.

Must have this local delight. ඉඳි ආප්ප කන්න ඕනෙ හින්දපු හාල් මැස්සොයි අල හොදියි සම්බෝලයි එක්ක
YES. One cousin read the blog felt sorry and immediately invited to have stringhoppers with potato sprats curry. We did.

Must buy the Sinhala Sunday papers, must sit with a steaming mug of coffee and read them with my feet up in the morning sunlight. 
Well YES and NO. Bought so many papers but had no time to read like that.

Must go on a rail hike if possible: 
Well NO. I had doubts about this in the first place. Time flies in the vacation dudes. The dudes who are away from home like me should know that very well.
Vacation months have 10 to 12 days. Working months have 52 - 60 days, dudes!!

Must eat hoppers with bananas. 
YES. We had this from a wayside shop somewhere between Kadhuruwela and Dehiattakandiya. A mother and a son ran this small place. Hoppers were delicious. I uploaded too many.
Ha ha.

Must fix stainless steel mufflers for the motorbike. 
YEAH!! Now it snarls when accelerated and gives a deep throated rumble when  decelerated. Cool! It's a real knock out. It performs much better. A real contrast to my earlier leaky clogged but original mufflers.
I'm a DIY Dude. No sweat!

So these were what was on the list of dreams. We did some more things out of the list,too. 

I'll blog about them later.

Anyway it was a nice vacation.


  1. It's wonderful that You've done nanny tasks within short time of period !

  2. Wooooow! so jealous right now! but really i am so happy for you! you all deserve the break. looking really forward to the upcoming blogs on the stuff you did in the vacation!

  3. kinda my vacation dude. (Minus DIY)

  4. We had a long list as well when we took our vacation in December. Achieved about 10% of planned work.90% of the time we were doing things we never planned to do. Eventually returned saying "not to worry.. lets do next time". as we always do after every vacation. cant complain about food though. Ate all listed items plus some others. Missed most of my friends and that was the worst.

  5. @Weni: Yeah, Weni. It's wonderful.

    @Hiruni: Thanks. Yes. I'm planning to do so.

    @Peter P:Everybody seems to agree on that. Thanks Peter.

    @Varna: Hi, varna. Welcome to read more.

    @Sarath Lankapriya: Join the club,dude. Even we did things we hadn't planned which were not on the list.



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