Thursday, July 28, 2016

91. The Kindhearted One!


He loves animals, specially dogs.  And the dogs seem to unconditionally love him back.  Wherever he goes strange dogs around used to come looking for him. Unfortunately, in the country he had to spend his childhood in, displayed a sign at the airport which listed dogs as contraband in addition to fire arms, dart guns, idols of worship alcohol and pork products. So he had an aquarium instead.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

90. Lovelocked Padlocks - the Love Token Hardware - The Russia We Saw - 1


Foot deep snow crunch under our feet as we walk down the wooded path to the river.  The merciless cold bite through the thick winter boots and two layers of thermal socks. The crisp chilly morning air hurts the lungs. When I turn my faces up towards the watery sun which is shining relatively brighter today, I feel the ghost of a warmth in the -7  ͦC Russian winter. We childishly shake the branches of the evergreens laden with snow creating mini s snowfalls.