Saturday, December 1, 2012


Every time I pass this downhill slope at Bollagala, on Biyagama Road and I pass Bollagala town, there is this familiar landmark that has etched deep into my mind, now, for several decades.

We get memories etched into out minds for different reasons.

They maybe for both good and bad.

I have never met the person who lived in this house 

who I always wanted to meet and ask

why he did, what he did.

But I never made it.

Well, I know you want to know what he did.

So this is it.

I went to school and then went to work every morning, passing this place, for so many years. And, what I saw every morning filled me with wonder. The occupant of this house had a large lettered calendar exhibited on his balcony wall for the benefit of the people who passed by. It had Day, Date and Month, which the occupant duly changed daily without fail and without a single error for all those years.

Remember, these weren't the days of the digital displays. This was a set of letters and numbers printed on maybe cardboard or plastic sheets. These had to be changed manually every morning.
I have checked this out early mornings when I passed this place around 4.30 am, and and on stormy days when  weather discouraged anyone in his right mind to come out on a balcony to change the digits of a calendar. 

No matter what, the calendar continued to update without a hitch, everyday, for years on end. 

And this was done for the sole benefit of the passerby. 

As I said I was very curious about this person who had this  unwavering dedication, and this unselfish motive to carry on without any publicity over the years. I wanted to know what made him do that and why was he different than the rest of  lazy dudes, selfish dudes, publicity hunter dudes who would do anything to attain their selfish motives.

Well, I didn't see this calendar recently. You would notice in this picture we took the other day, also that the wall is empty. I didn't want to stop and make inquiries as I didn't want look suspicious. Does anyone know what happened to him?

And if you are still there, I want you to know that your act of kindness wasn't unnoticed. Maybe this wouldn't look much to some people. But, to me this is good enough. I was one of the people who were benefited by your calendar. And I want to thank you my unseen friend for what you did. 


  1. I have visited hear after a long period.reading this I began to thought about this person. dudes like them are hardly seen nowadays uncle.hope u'll be able to find him.actually this brings me a tiny pain from a deep corner of the heart.

    I only have to tell you is this post is a something special for all who read this.

    1. Yeah,Varsha, You were very silent for some time and the last time I visited your English blog, it was missing.

      And thanks for your comment.

  2. I read your post and sneaked out without giving a comment yesterday as I am very busy with my term test work, Christmas drama and the school newspaper which will be published before the vacation begins. I think u are very busy not to visit my blog after coming to Sri Lanka.
    When I read your post I remembered people who go out of their way to help others. We don't pay enough attention to what they do except in rare occasions and this is one of them.When we see others' generosity we appreciate it silently but reluctant to go beyond that as it requires our time and energy.
    Recently I have asked some flowers from a neighbour of mine and she asked me to drop by before going to school. When I went there she had arranged a beautiful bouquet of flowers and not stopping with that had wrapped it nicely with a cellophane paper; tied it with a ribbon and left for school.(She too is a teacher.)I was very pleased with her thoughtfulness and thanked her on my return journey.

    If u find the person, he will be pleasantly surprised to see that his untiring service is recognized by at least one thoughtful citizen. I wish u luck with your endeavour.

    1. It's okay, Blue Lotus. Follow the priority list. Our school work was over on 22nd Nov. Best of luck with your Christmas Drama and the School Newspaper.

      Well the vacatin time is very hectic for us. I was busy at garages, service stations, drivegreen centres and cleaning, weeding, vacuuming, mopping, visiting, etc. the list is even longer.

      Sam would find this person and blog it.

  3. Oh You make me also so curious! He may moved to another place na.
    These days Im getting so busy dude ayya, Couldn't write anything from a long time :(

    1. I'm curious, too Giman. Even we are busy but I'm stealing this time.

  4. He has been very thoughtful. Most of us sometimes forget what day it is and therefore have to face some awkward moments when we are engaged in our day to day work. so a calendar like that can be very helpful.
    // I passed this place around 4.30 am, and and on stormy days when weather discouraged anyone in his right mind to come out on a balcony to change the digits of a calendar.
    No matter what, the calendar continued to update without a hitch, everyday, for years on end. // I was so moved by his dedication and his commitment is simply amazing!
    I really hope that you will be able to find this person and appreciate his work, because it will make him very happy to know that his kind gesture has not gone unnoticed.

    1. Your last sentence says it all. Thanks Chams. If you read the Sinhala version on මගේ ඩෙනිම, you'd notice that I have handed it over to our blogger colleague Sam,

  5. wow....reading this made me remember that the world is a lovely place after all...among all the thieves, murderers and mass shooters, there are this type of people who make our day, and leaves us with something to think about...

    i am pretty sure that if this person saw this article he would be very pleased Dude....not everyone has the eye to notice these things....and a heart kind enough to sense the loving act behind it... :D :D :D



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