Wednesday, July 10, 2013


How many tasks can you do at the same time. Well, I guess I know what you think. That depends on what kind of tasks they are, right?  Okay, let's put it this way. How many books can you read at a time? 

Please don't misunderstand this as having several books open in front of you and reading at the same time. Nooooo. What I mean is you don't finish one book and start the other, as you are supposed to do. You are in the middle of several books and you pick up any one of them that suit the mood whenever  you are free to read. And you never mix up the plots.

I don't know about you. I read several books at the same time, just like that. I read books while I eat. I read books in bed and fall asleep on them. 

For example, I was reading the three books that you see on my bed side table,  in the photo,

2. ROMANCING THE RENEGADE            and

when I came across this Biggles Comic The Flight Of The Wallenstein.
So I'm in the middle of reading four books these days. Ha ha.

And four genres and tastes.

A Bike Ride by Anne Mustoe, is a Travelog about a 54 year old school principal who describes herself as, an overweight, out of condition woman who made a road trip on an unfamiliar bicycle, around the world.

Romancing The Renegade is a Romantic Adventure.

Boy and Going Solo by Roald Dahl about his childhood, flying career and travel. 

Biggles Comic The Flight Of The Wallenstein is the first comic I'm reading in this series. Though aviation and adventure stories of Biggles, written by W. E. Johns have been one of my favorites for a  long time, I hadn't even seen the comic series before. The illustrations just blow your mind away.

Well, are you any good at multitasking like me?


  1. YOU are an extra ordinary character. no doubt about that..

    i can' tread books like this.. i need to read only one book from A to Z, finish it and go to next..i'm multitasking it by reading while having my food... :D

    1. Senna, Join the club! Even I read while eating. :D

      Thanks for the hot hot comment.

  2. Yeah. Why not.. I will multiply your blood if you don't change the font (italic)

    1. It's not just Italics. It's the font, dude. I like it. :D

  3. Well I'v tried too ...

    Lectures notes and martial arts movies,

    but notes doesn't move though ended with several movies at the end of the day :p

    1. Uh huh! At least you tried.

      When you do that with novels, too, some get priority unintentionally. I mean you pick up what is more appealing more often.

  4. This is amazing...:))

    I too have different soaps I watch at different when I take a break from studying one soap, when I eat another etc. :D

    :D :D :D

    1. Really? I watch some of them while I iron, too.

      Yeah, I read blogs while I eat mostly. No TV dinners anymore but blog dinners. :))

    2. Puthu,

      :D :-f


      :D :-h

      Most of the time I watch TV or read blogs when I have my meals :)

    3. Now TV dinners have upgraded to Blog dinners in most of the places. :D

  5. Well in my case,I have tried reading my lecture notes and novels and other books together, but most of the time I end up reading the entire novel, while my notes remain untouched. On the other hand if we leave out notes and consider only novels and other types of books, I think I can read at least two books without much trouble, because right now I am reading an English novel and a biography in Sinhala together :)

    1. That's why I said, "some get priority unintentionally. I mean you pick up what is more appealing more often." in that earlier comment.

      Thanks for the comment, Chams.

  6. What a coincidence Machan? I am re-reading Going Solo at the moment.

    1. World is full of coincidences, machan. :D Even I was surprised when I saw that post of yours.

      Thank you for the comment and nice to see you here.

  7. I usually does this for movies. Since you said about books, hmm yes I do read like that... I keep few books at different palaces (eg: work place, different places at home etc) where i used to be in different moods.
    Well I have some religious type books in a separate room! Cause it NEEDS a mood change.. doesn't it?
    I don't read in the bed. Only study materials :D
    But once I did, where I got fainted in the middle of the story.. (I think u know the story behind that :D ) and it was my luck...

    1. Mmm, that reminds me, reading in the toilet is a family custom of ours. For that I prefer magazines or newspapers to novels.

      I can imagine what was in that book. Anyway, isn't in convenient when you faint in bed? That's a nice way to fall asleep, right?



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