Wednesday, May 16, 2012

47. YOU


YOU who stared at the mixed up fried rice sleepily after waking up from a deep sleep on our laps and said, “What’s this? Cat food?” because it was the first time you saw fried rice and because we used to mix up all the left over rice and feed the stray cats…,

YOU who had to watch too much TV because both of us were employed with no baby sitter and too busy, blurted out one morning when you were  woken up to go to school, “Wait a minute till this commercial break is over…okay?” and made us realize that even your dreams now had commercial breaks…,

YOU who made our hearts swell with pride to see you ride wobbling when I removed both the guide wheels off your little mountain bike…,

YOU who were cycling downhill behind our car wearing the blue helmet and suddenly disappeared and then reemerged out of the overgrown ditch blue helmet first and complained “It’s okay falling down. That’s not the problem. This stupid ta-ta hand was saying ta-ta ta-ta all the time while I was fallen in the ditch!” about that ta ta hand gadget you had me install on your bike…,

YOU who were then a first grader and made me meet your class teacher one day to listen to her complaint that my kid had walked on the piano keyboard playing with feet creating a new genre of music…,

YOU who beat the hell out of some bullies  not only with kicks and punches I had taught you in self defense but also with your motorcycle crash helmet and made me meet your principal for assault charges yet made me proud for standing up for yourself when conventional run of the mill methods failed…,

YOU who were playing commando dressed in your combat gear and yelled ‘YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!’, pointing a toy revolver at her own chest with one hand, with the other hand in the air raised in surrender,  playing army and the rebels both making us realize how lonely you would have felt to be an only child.

YOU who finally played the trump card by making me see your Principal who was a very kind lady and a well renowned author who said “Hiruni came to meet me today Mr. Blogwalker,… and she wants me to tell you as her principal that she needs a brother to play with.” making me feel a lump in my throat,

YOU who stared at me with wide eyes when I ate an ice cream cup alone without buying one for you as a punishment for something that you did and made me feel miserable inwardly because you took it so gracefully… ,

YOU who defended the brother locking your grandma and aunt out of the house because you thought you were protecting him from them…,

YOU who became the youngest gymnast in the school gymnastic team at the age of 6 and brought home so many sports trophies and A reports and made us forget all the troubles we had…,

YOU who once walked out on us because this place was boring and made me cry when I saw the FINAL CALL and then GATE CLOSED on the big LCD screen at the airport…,

YOU who use Home English kitchen version sometimes just to piss me off and have done many more things that I have to cut short…,

…are celebrating your birthday today. 

Happy birthday


  1. Happy B'day Dot !!

    We are counting days to see our one on 27th.. her room now looks too clean too orderly and too neat.. To see a curled up bundle of a girl sleeping in the middle of clothes books laptop socks mobile phone DVD toys left overs of food etc etc..

    1. Dear Sarath,
      I think all of us are sharing the same kind of "pain" after sending our kids away for studies. But I want to say "hats off to all the unselfish parents on earth"
      This is how I was getting prepared for her arrival last vacation..........

  2. Wish You many many happy returns of the Day ! hiruni dhuwa - Weni uncle

  3. This post was the one that made me hug my pillow and cry [ that is one reason i was planning to read your wishes once i get back home, to avoid going to class with swollen eyes :-D ] ..... i miss you a lot too....but mostly it made ma cry for the love you hold in your heart for me.

    YOU who once walked out on us because this place was boring and made me cry when I saw the FINAL CALL and then GATE CLOSED on the big LCD screen at the airport…,

    the one thing i would change if i had the chance never know what it was like to be on the other side of the gate....knowing i had made the biggest mistake in life but yet knowing i couldn't change it....

    i miss you so much....and i am forever thankful for the family i got.....still wondering what i did to deserve you three...

    Thanks for making this day so special to me and for making me feel like i am still at home even though we are miles apart....

    Thanks for being there whenever we need you and for always having the right things to say....

    And most of all thanks for loving us so much that we feel as though we are the luckiest kids on earth.....

  4. Dude,
    I think u have given one of the best gifts the parents could give on Earth to our kid on her B'day. U are an awesome, loving, caring and a thoughtful father. :)

    I know surely she would have cherished this blog post more than anything else that she got for her B'day from all of us, today. :)

    As her Amma I too wish her all the best in what ever she does for eternity. :)

    Puthu, wish u a very happy , healthy, wealthy, successful and peaceful life. :)

    1. of course Amma, i was so so happy to read this post and i was always saying about this with my friends i dont think any of them had to read it again...

      and also true when you said " U are an awesome, loving, caring and a thoughtful father. :)"..... more than anyone can ever wish for

      and also are the best mother ever....i got two amazing parents and an amazing brother and i know that when ever i need i have a haven i can turn to

      i thank you for everything i am and everything i will be....


  5. Akki,

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday.Thaththa told me that you had a surprise party.You must have enjoyed it very much.Hope you had an amazing time.

    From the Malli you had asked for. :D

    1. Thanks malliiii........... and yes i was very happy about the surprise party...

      From the Malli you had asked for. :D..... actually i got more than i bargained are crazy, loving, mischievous,caring all in one package....

      thanks for being the brother i went and asked my principal to get for me...

      From the akki who requested for you.... :D

  6. Happy B I R T H D A Y to uuuuu
    Happy B I R T H D A Y to uuuuu
    Happy B I R T H D A Y dear HIRUNI
    Happy B I R T H D A Y to uuuuu!!!!

    1. thanks so much to youuuuuu
      thanks so much to youuuuuu
      thanks so much dear adavi raja
      thanks so much to youuuuuu!!!!

  7. Happy birthday hiruni! :D


    Hello Darling ones,

    that was absolutely lovely.

    You know some thing you two did good

    As previously are absolutely graced

    Love & Blessings


  9. ill make my parents proud one day! Happy birthday Hiruni!

    1. of course you will... thanks for the wish....:-D

  10. What a wonderful daughter..what a wonderful dad...Happy Birth day Hiruni.

  11. hart touching sound of a father"

    happy happy birthday to little daughter...

  12. As always i'm late.... even in my real life also i'm the dead last :D

    i wish you once but after reading this English post the feeling to wish you came out blasting... so have a grate life and good i said before you are a one lucky girl...

    i didn't see any of these pictures when i read මට හිතෙන හැටි.i assume that it may add later or my connection speed may have done the trick...

    good luck hiruni akko...
    hey dude what a sensitive post and you are a very sensitive man.good luck to you too

  13. thanks malli :D... it is ok getting late to wish. and also yes we are very lucky to have parents like this...

  14. Wish you a very happy birthday my dear Hiruni akki..
    May all good wishes come true!

  15. Wish You a happy B'day yaar!! May all your dreams come true!
    and sorry for late wishes!



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