Sunday, May 13, 2012


I write this post with a heavy heart, with a lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes. I never thought in my wildest dreams, I would have to write a post like this on Obaa ayya, at least not so soon.

When I saw the headings of the blogs in Weni’s blog roll, I was stunned. At first, I thought this was just another practical joke. When I showed them to Deepa, my wife who was nearby she was genuinely shocked.  “They must be pulling our legs!” we thought and then on second thoughts that if they are, it’s a bit farfetched.

In a moment the realization hit us that this was no joke and obaa has actually left us forever. We were fighting tears that were struggling to pour down our cheeks. We were so much absorbed in this tragedy that we weren’t aware that our school session was over and the other session had started.

I got to know obaa when I commented on a poem he had published on the blog ‘The Last Row’. He e-mailed me and then this developed into a friendship that lasted till the end. I used to do the illustrations for some of his blog posts, on his request.

I got to know what kind of a person he was when my laptop developed BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) last September.  Obaa inquired about my delay in publishing blog posts and also some illustrations I had promised to do for him. I answered him in the following email.

Thanks for the reply.
Computer can't be repaired in a hurry because i think the dust has done the damage and is overheating. The problem is this is still covered by the warranty and I can't get back to Sri Lanka before end of Nov.
There is a screw I won't dare to remove at the bottom under the warranty sticker, so can't vacuum inside.
So not only blogging.
My son's studies, (he used to refer to PDF past papers while downloading games), our games, communication with daughter, reading newspapers, music, picture collections and doing homework and school work and many more, have come up to a halt.
And you can select the best of the pictures for your purpose.
Take care,

Obaa’s answer swept me off my feet because we had never met in the flesh and we had only a cyber friendship…

Hi Henry,
I have a lap top which I am not using any more. Only problem with that lap top is, it has to be connected to power, while being used. The battery is not holding its charge.. Anyway if you need it for your child's studies, please send me your mailing address, I'll put in a new battery and send it to you.

He treated my child and his welfare as his own child’s. All of us were quite impressed by this gesture of humanily.


Thanks a million. I was just wondering that you don't even know me in the flesh. still you offered to give that laptop to me.
Still you don't have to do that and still I really appreciate it so much.

Obaa, I can manage with the school computers for the moment.

And we're going home in Nov and then we can get it done there as I think still 2 year warranty'd be valid when we go. It was bought on 19/12/2009.

See what a person who had never even seen us trying to do for us! This is quite a contrast to what we were used to.

Hey Henry,
What's this still & still business, the laptop is not for you, it’s for the kid if he needs it. About the batteries, you and I should run them to the last minute before recharging the bastards, otherwise they empty themselves pre maturely, that was what I learned from a so called expert.….
 Sanath Wijewardene

Even though we politely refused his offer, we got to know how generous and kind hearted he was. In a world full of hypocrites, cutthroats,   Obaa was a true friend and a gentleman. I’m kinda happy that we never met, simply because then it would have been much hard for me to bear this up.




  1. අදහාගත නොහී මොහොතක නික්මගිය සොඳුරු මිනිසානෙනි...ආදරණීය ඔබා මාමේ ඔබට නිවන්සුව අත්වේවා.............

  2. I was so fortunate to share few hours with Obaa and Obee as we fondly call them on their way to Colombo and back. We planned many things like mutual visits .. It was not to be.. The blog sphere will never be the same for me without him.. I am still in shock. He was such a great guy to know.. We lost him..

  3. I completely agree with you Sarath.The blog sphere will never be the same for me without him.

  4. I was as stunned as all of you. even though i am not a blogger myself. after reading Blog walkers blogs i alwats read the comments and Oba mama was a faithful commentator. never failing to comment if eh could help it. and also how he came up to help the blog walker family is quite angelic. I am sad and would love to hear that this was a mistake and that he is doing fine, but in the end it is the sad truth. but still i am happy in a way that he didn't have to suffer in death and also that he is in a better place now.....

  5. I was lucky enough to be at least one day with him.. It still makes me cry of remembering the time we spent. Good Bye Oba Uncle!!

  6. සදාදරණීය සනත් අංකල්, ඔබට අමාමහ නිවන්සුව අත්වේවා !!!

  7. truly shocking news! his last words for me was we shall meet in this small world very soon! Ill surely miss him n his comments every time i post smthng!

  8. He sounds to have been a kindhearted fellow.

    I guess it's true when they say that the good die young. :-(



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