Thursday, April 24, 2014

81.On Rails To Badulla... Part Four - Up to Great Western

In case you missed the previous parts:

On Rails To Badulla...Part One 

On Rails To Badulla...Part Two- Up to Kandy

On Rails To Badulla...Part Three - Up to Hatton

 We're pulling out of Hatton, which is a large and important station on upcountry line where all the trains stop. As this is closer to Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) the pilgrims who come on the train get off here.  

11.46 AM: Rolling on, past Hatton...

11.49 AM:  Maybe the fairy tale looks doesn't mean the life here is such.

11.52 AM: Kotagala Station.
1239.2m above MSL and 180km away.
All the station seems to be painted in the same color.

11.52 AM:

I was just wondering how the CGR, how SLR,
which was initiated by the British, and has been following the British system to be More British than the British
came to use the American word Gasoline
on all their tankers. 

This Class M6 really needs a new paint.

11.55 AM: One of my favorite photos
captured by Hirusha on Samsung Galaxy S4.

11.55 AM: Ooops! 

11.58 AM: Looks like another school.

12.00 Noon: You can tell by the shadows. 
Noon: Blue train snaking through the green terrain.
Noon: Neat landscape.

The power unit that  generates enough power
to haul all that awful lot of train all the way
up to 1898m above the mean sea level.


12.01 PM: 

12.04 PM:
That's why you should take the scenic route by day time.
Is this St Clair's?
Derailed and abandoned! 
How many shades of green!
Most of these bridges are more than hundred years old...
Though dangerous, sitting on the foot board
is an awesome way to enjoy this scenic tour.

 When I take the highway I used to watch the passing trains longingly. 

 Now it's your turn to do so guys!
12.09 PM: Just before pulling into Talawakele Staion.

12.10 PM: Talawakele...

12.10 PM: Talawakele Station. Look at the architecture.

12.11 PM: The railway world. 

12.21 PM: Blue ridged mountains...

12.13 PM: SLTB bus over the new bridge. 

12.13 PM: Fellow passengers.

12.14 PM: What a location for a housing scheme!

12.15 PM

12.15 PM: Upper Kotmale Dam.

Where living is a pleasure, I believe...

Where living must be a pleasure, no doubt.

12.15 PM: Dammed!

12.17 PM: The long and winding road...

12.17 PM:

12.17 PM:

12.17 PM:
12.17 PM:
The bridge we just crossed.

12.19 PM:

There are plenty of streams like this.

12.20 PM:
12.20 PM:

12.20 PM: Storm Drains in the tea estates.

12.20 PM:
12.21 PM:

12.20 PM:

12.21 PM:
This is the owner of those pink girly stuff,
pink water bottle, the teddy bear blanket and the rest...
She was a fellow passenger.

12.22 AM: Tea plucking.
12.22 PM: Green, green grass of home...
Watagoda Station.
The railroad closer to Watagoda is sharply winding one.
12.39 PM:
12.39 AM:
Arriving at Great Western.
I just wonder how this place in the central hills in
Nuwaraeliya District
was named Great Western in the first place.

I heard that the Great Western mountain, at 2212m (7257ft) high,
is the 6th highest peak in the country.
And that's how the station, a nearby tea state got the name.
12.42 PM: Plenty of ragged rocks for ragged robin to run 'round. I think this would be an ideal place for climbing.

1464 meters above the mean sea level, Great western
is a beautiful station with a breathtaking view. 

12.45 AM:
The Great Western Station master waiting with the tablet...
(Not a Samsung Tablet, for God'd sake...:D)
12.43 AM:
Wondering if the cowboys wearing ten gallon hats on horseback would appear with blazing guns over the edge, any time...

Dual manual signals...

They say the Sri Pada mountain can be seen clearly from here,
but I didn't see it.

The pleasure of travel. For some strange reason, I love this shot.

Some delay at Great Western, but you never get bored here.

My Special thanks to Anonymous
who rubbed my nose on this awesome open source software
Gimp 2.8.10 and saved me a lot of trouble.

This is not the last.
Await for
On Rails To Badulla...The Final Part with more awesome photos.

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  1. These photos just increase my temptation to go on trips like this lovely it would be to feel that cool breeze, to see those breathtaking scenes and simply to be away from our hectic schedules even for a couple of days...
    These posts of yours bring back fond memories of my childhood when I used to go from Kandy to Badulla by train when we get our school that past..

    1. It was the hectic life that we wanted to get away from. Really do you realize that we have finally come to point of feeling guilty to relax and laze around?

      Are you from Badulla? No need to answer that if it violates your privacy. :)
      Thanks for the comment.

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  3. First of all so sorry dude for the late comment as i said i dont get new updates on my mail :O i need to make it again :D :D :D :D :D

    these are awesome photos as always.. :-h ...i always loved the hill country....even the temperature is very comfortable isnt it?

    the photo you told malla took is also very very nice.. g-) ..he has a nice photographic eye too... w-) ...all three of you do :-f

    "12.45 AM: The Great Western Station master waiting with the tablet..." when i read this i was thinking about a tablet like a Samsung tablet and scrutinized the pic to check ha ha ha =))

    please post the rest of the photos too even though it takes a lot of hard work because it is worth it y-)



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