Saturday, July 14, 2012


All the way from home to the unknown...

Hey Dudes, 

Isn't Posting the 50th post on the Blogoversary, a cool coincidence? 

These were my stepping stones.
  1. ·        Hey Dudes
  2. ·        Buckle Up Dudes
  3. ·        Mckaa – Dude Of A Kind
  4. ·        Those Cool Security Dudes
  5. ·        My Ram And Cache
  6. ·        Deepa, Please Don’t Ask What Happened ToThe Tomatoes!
  7. ·        Dudes, Ever Watched A 7d Movie> Not3d! Wow!!
  8. ·        Labor Pains 1 - The Pregnant Dude
  9. ·        Labor Pains 2 – Ok Ladies, Don’t Say IDidn’t Warn You
  10. ·        Labor Pains 3 – Labor Screams In MultiLanguages
  11. ·        I Updated “Dudes, Ever Watched A 7dMovie> Not 3d! Wow!!”
  12. ·        “That’s A Sick Joke, Dude!!!”
  13. ·        I Hit My First Two 1000s SimultaneouslyDudes!!!
  14. ·        Forgive Me Dude If You Can
  15. ·        This Is Amazing Dudes
  16. ·        The Wonder Years With My Kids – 1
  17. ·        The Wonder Years With My Kids – 2
  18. ·        Narrow Escapes  1 Saved By The Shoestrings
  19. ·        Narrow Escapes  2 Saved Just Because I Was Broke
  20. ·        Narrow Escapes  3 Saved By The Faulty Starter Motor
  21. ·        Narrow Escapes  4 Stuck In The Railway Crossing
  22. ·        Don’t Drink And DrIvE!  The Soul Touching Poem
  23. ·        Narrow Escapes  5 The Rampage
  24. ·        Narrow Escapes  6 Erratic Driver On The Highway
  25. ·        Narrow Escapes  7 The Day I Nearly Lost An Eye
  26. ·        Home Sweet Home, Here We Come
  27. ·        Our English Teacher
  28. ·        The Most Important Thing In One’s Life
  29. ·        Home Sweet Home, Here We Come 2
  30. ·        Proud To Be Sri Lankan, Dude!
  31. ·        Close Encounters Of The Cops Kind
  32. ·        You Also Thought Sri Lankan DriversAre The Worst In The World?
  33. ·        මේජාතික දිනයටවත් ටික ටික ගෙවන්න කොන්දක් ගමුද?
  34. ·        The Day I Was Delighted To Hear About ATragedy
  35. ·        Do You Get That Feeling Of Déjà Vu WhenYou Read This?
  36. ·        Close Encounters Of The Cops Kind -The Midnight Sermon
  37. ·        Close Encounters Of The Cops Kind - Nice Try, Dude!
  38. ·        Close Encounters Of The Cops Kind - I Just Wanted To Make You Talk!
  39. ·        How I Quit Smoking At Last!
  40. ·        The Blogwalkers Method Of FightingTerror With Terror
  41. ·        Blogwalker’s Pit Stops On The Highway
  42. ·        About Someone Very Special
  43. ·        Nightmare For Road Trippers
  44. ·        Dudes’ What The Hell Kind Of Logic IsThis?
  45. ·        Shame On You, If That’s You!
  46. ·        Goodbye My Unseen Friend!
  47. ·        You
  48. ·        Have You Had Your Daily Dose Of PoisonToday?
  49. ·        Happy Birthday, You Cool Dude!

    Thanks for being with HeyDude and මට හිතෙන හැටි for one Whole Year.
    Please Keep Visiting. Happy Reading!
    With Support Crew


  1. One by one u added great 50 posts to blog world! Its great! My Congratz ayya! Wish u all the best. I wish u to have more strenght and courage to write more and more. Keep it up!!

    1. Thanks very much, Dude.
      Yours is one of the very few hand picked blogs I recommended to my own child. SO it says a lot, doesn't it? :)

    2. Oh thanks ayya! Of course ur those words worth like a gold award for me. And also its a great encouragement! Thanks again!

  2. he he hee... the very 1st thing came to my mind, when I saw the title, was JULIANUARY in Madagascar special Christmas release.

    1. That's what's awesome about a living language, like a living tree, it keeps growing, discarding dead branches and leaves...
      Thanks Sindhu.

  3. Very Happy First Blogovesary !!!! :) :) :)

    The two kids and I wish and bless you all the best to carry on with your blog 'HeyDude". :-^:-) ~ ^ o ^ ~

    1. Without your support blogging would have been impossible. Thanks very much! :)

  4. Wow Dude, we are so proud of you!

    And just as DeeJay said we wish you and bless you to make many many more awesoem posts in the future!

    Reading HeyDude has become a part of our day to day life and we are always looking out for new posts. It is a blog that has posts that are different from each other every time but the best thing is each one is as interesting as the other!

    well done! :D

    1. How nice to hear. Thanks very much for being such a faithful fan of mine.

  5. All the best Dude...keep writing!

    1. Thanks very much, dude. That's the idea.

  6. 1.00AM in the morning and what story to hear....

    i'm so happy to hear and wish you a very happy birthday to your blog and best wishes on your 50th post...

    keep it up dude....

    sorry for the short comment i'm not in a mood to give a critic at this time. appreciate your both blogs because you calling right up to our hearts... it's not a easy thing... but you made it looks so easy.thanks again for quenching our reading thirst in many ways with both languages.....

    well done!!!

    1. I have always loved to know what you think about my writing. And thank you very much for being such an avid reader of HeyDude.
      And why did you say you are not in a mood? Anything wrong? Hope everything would be fine.

  7. All the best Dude...keep it up

    1. Thank you very much Raj. Please, come again.

  8. My heartiest congratulation dear brother...

    1. HI Weni, Thanks a lot. Anonymous Weni!! :)



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